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USA Networks Web-exclusive Scenes. Once lost, but found again.
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Season One Videos

Wheel of Fortune - Johnny follows one of the Cleaves Millis murder victims in his visions.
What it Seems - Johnny comes home and finds flowers and a "welcome home" card from Rev. Purdy.
Quality of Life - Johnny reads a letter from Tom Paley ( Guest starring Chris Masterson ).
Enigma - "The Honeymoon Suite. It's tradition" An unused scene from this episode.
Netherworld - Sarah's phoning Johnny's answering machine.
Unreasonable Doubt - Rob Lieberman talks about making the episode.
The Siege - Conrad Hurley writes to Johnny Smith.
Enemy Mind - Jill Deer writes an email to Johnny writing about how she's helping kids to get off drugs.
Here There be Monsters - John L. Adams talks about his fighting scene in this episode.
Dinner With Dana - Kristen Dalton talks about this episode, and what's coming up for her.
Shaman - Glimpse behind the scenes of the episode with John L. Adams.

Season Two Videos

Valley of the Shadows - Videotape left by Francis Ritter.
Decent - Kate Tyner talks about the events in "Descent" with a reporter.
The Outsider - Claire Eisenhaus' new company makes the front pages - and she makes a phone call.
Precipitate - Johhny has a vision of Bob & his lady friend.
Misbegotten - 3 chicks, 1 psychic & 3 unsolved murders, the trailer for 'Farmhouse', a film by Maddy Powers.
Cabin Pressure - Director Mike Rohl takes you behind the scenes.
The Man Who Never Was - Johnny gets a postcard from Grissom.
Dead Men Tell Tales - Johnny gets a letter from Nina
Playing God - Ally Sheedy talks about "Playing God"
Zion - Bruce talks to Johnny over the phone & tries his own "dead zone"
Plague - Stephen Tobolowsky talks about his character in this episode.
Deja Voodoo - Interview With Reiko Aylesworth.
The Hunt - ? talks about what he sees about Greg Stillson in his "dead zone"
The Mountain - Interview with guest star Sean William Winters.
The Combination - Interview with guest star Greg Serano.
Visions - Interview with guest star Frank Whaley.

Season Three Videos

Finding Rachel, Part One - Part One of an Interview with Sarah Wynter.
Finding Rachel, Part Two - Part Two of the interview with Sarah Wynter.

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